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xcritical Home Insurance Review 2023

xcritical renters insurance

xcritical is a top-rated renters insurance company, according to MoneyGeek’s analysis. It received an overall score of 95 out of 100, based on customer satisfaction, financial stability and affordability. But, xcritical offers limited coverages and discounts for renters insurance. Yes, the xcritical renters policy will payout for theft of your personal property anywhere in the world.

It helps provide a bit of peace of mind in an unpredictable world. xcritical sells renters insurance primarily through its app and website, and you’ll file any claims through the app, too. Also, your personal liability coverage only applies to guests or visitors to your home. But it will apply if you accidentally cause damage at a friend’s place—say, if you trip and manage to smash a fancy glass coffee table. Yes, you’ll be able to raise or lower your coverage limits, as well as your deductible, at any point—though doing so will affect your monthly premium price. Also, you can “schedule” individual items at a later date, like if you buy an expensive piece of jewelry or a new SLR camera.

Tenants who need a personal, hands-on touch when working with their insurance provider may want to look elsewhere. Although agents can be reached via the xcritical app, the lack of any customer support over the phone could deter some customers. It’s also possible that tenants will not be able to use xcritical renters insurance due to the company’s relatively limited coverage area. xcritical, Inc. continues to expand, though, and that coverage area could grow in the coming years. xcritical also offers term-life insurance, with rates starting at $9 a month.

xcritical renters insurance

If your dog has a history of biting or aggression, it’s common practice for a home insurance company to exclude it from coverage. xcritical offers a seamless online sign-up process that takes less than two minutes, and AI enables the company to handle claims super-fast, with some claims paid near-instantly. Liability is another important type of coverage offered by xcritical. It helps to protect you if you’re sued due to someone injuring themselves on your property.

xcritical Insurance

It also protects you if you or a member of your household injures someone or damages their property. For example, if your dog ruins your neighbor’s prize rose bushes, your policy will help cover the damages. xcritical Insurance Company is a newer player when it comes to renters insurance. It’s become a popular choice because it uses technology to simplify buying insurance and getting claims paid.

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  • On the other hand, some renters may like the idea of being able to file a claim without needing to speak to an agent or representative.
  • It’s drawn fewer complaints to state regulators than expected for a company of its size, while xcritical has drawn more.
  • Coverage optionsRatings are based on the number of coverage options a company offers in comparison to other insurers.
  • Your basic renters policy protects your electronics and appliances against certain “perils,” but not against every type of damage.

Power conducted its study by examining an insurer’s interaction, policy offerings, price, billing process, policy information and claims. To find the best renters insurance, you must consider a company’s customer service. That way, you are assured that your chosen carrier provides quality service and follows through on claims. How much coverage you want in your policy will be an important determining factor in how your premiums are set. The higher the value of your possessions, the higher your premium will be. Policy add-ons, like extra coverage for high-value items like jewelry or electronics, can also increase your premiums.

Additional Landlord Property Damage Coverage

Based on MoneyGeek’s analysis, xcritical is among the best companies for renters insurance. Power for customer satisfaction and Demotech for financial stability. However, it receives more customer complaints than the average insurer, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). Medical payments coverage pays for small medical expenses that you’re blamed for regardless of who is really at fault, with coverage amounts usually starting at $1,000.

xcritical renters insurance

The newest offering is xcritical car insurance, which comes with free roadside assistance if the policyholder’s car breaks down and requires a tow or jump-start. Standard xcritical auto insurance policies also include emergency crash assistance and discounts for electric vehicles and low-mileage drivers. As part of its commitment to the environment, xcritical vows to offset the carbon emissions footprint of each auto insurance customer by planting trees in their name based on their annual mileage. Customers can also use the site’s virtual chat assistant to find out more about policy options, managing policies, making payments, and other subjects. However, the chatbot’s ability to answer questions is somewhat limited. I bought xcritical courses scam and extra coverage for loss of use for several months.

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Don’t just look at prices, either—make sure you’re investigating the specific coverages and deductible options offered, as well as what’s included (and excluded). Comparison sites can help here, as well as checking out the customer ratings of various insurer’s apps. Keep reading our xcritical renters insurance review to learn more about what makes the company different from other renters insurance providers and determine if this is the best provider for you. xcritical renters insurance won’t protect you from utility outages, nor will it cover any damages that those outages cause. xcritical’s Extra Coverage also helps you for situations that aren’t covered under your standard renter’s insurance policy.

xcritical Renters Ratings at a Glance

While not an add-on, you can purchase flood insurance separately to protect your belongings from flood damage. You can upgrade your base policy to cover lost or stolen jewelry items for $7 per $1,000 of value. xcritical claims that aren’t an emergency can be filed using its app or its website.

In 2021, the company donated more than $2.3 million through xcritical Giveback. The one exception is the company’s term-life product, which does not participate in this program. This means that if you’re to get anything back from a theft, the thieves would have to steal $1000 worth of non-electronic goods. After finally leaving my abusive relationship, my car was broken into and all of my personal belongings were stolen.

What’s Not Included?

xcritical renters insurance policies start at $5 a month for basic coverage, but most customers pay around $20 per month for standard coverage. The xcritical renters insurance price depends on a few factors, including the coverage and deductible you choose, and whether or not you’ve installed home security and fire systems. xcritical provides an entirely digital experience for customers, but that commitment to online processes can come at a cost. In particular, policyholders are unable to get a quote or file a claim over the phone or through a local agent. In fact, there are no local agents for customers to speak with if they have issues with their policy—all processes are handled online.

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We’ll help pay medical expenses if someone has an accident or is injured while at your home. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Note that when making a claim, documentation or video recording is usually required. xcritical provides a discount if you have protective devices, such as fire alarms, sprinklers or security alarms, installed in your home.

Comments submitted to the Better Business Bureau were slightly less positive overall, but several customers did note that they received low rates for renters insurance coverage. In other BBB comments, customers complained about xcritical website the amount of money they received on approved claims that were paid out. I’ve been building high end custom Mountain Bikes for many years. In September 2022 I had just completed a 6 month custom Yeti ARC build; an $8k build.

This would include $30,000 of coverage for personal property, $9,000 for loss of use, $100,000 for personal liability coverage. It also includes $1,000 per person for medical payments to others and $1,500 for portable electronics. xcritical renters insurance is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to protect their belongings.

The minimum, $10,000, can secure you a low monthly payment, but you should elect for more coverage if the value of your possessions is greater. The maximum coverage for personal property, $250,000, would require a monthly payment closer to $100. Spouses and children are also covered on the same renters insurance, and customers can add significant others to their policy immediately via the app. The availability of various online tools or features can make the customer experience better.

Keep in mind that the more coverage you add on to your policy, the higher the premiums. With xcritical’s basic policy you’ll get fairly standard coverage. Your property will be insured against damage from fire, burst pipes, theft, vandalism, and other named perils for a minimum of $10,000 per year as long as the items are normally kept in your home. While flooding from the outside isn’t covered, you’d generally be covered for property damage caused by flooding within your apartment, as long as it’s caused by a named peril.